If you're wondering about me, then what

you should know is that I currently live

in Ohio with my husband and my 2 dogs.

We have a brilliant son who is currently

serving our country in the military, and

we don't get to see him nearly as often as

mom would like.  ;)

My other hobbies include writing novels

(you can find me on Amazon under
T.J. Osborne), cross stitching, crocheting,
woodworking, and painting.

She fostered my love of dolls since birth, always buying me the latest and greatest doll of my choice to add to my collection. When naming my new shop, I wanted to do something to honor and commemorate our mutual love of dolls and I happened to think back to an old folk song she used to sing to me when I was a small child. I would sit on her knee and make her warble "Froggy Went a Courtin'" over and over and over (and it wasn't a short song!) A line in the song, "Where will the wedding breakfast be? Mhmm. Where will the wedding breakfast be? He went down yonder in a hollow tree. Mhmm.", popped into my head and it reminded me of how magically surreal the whole song really is.

And isn't that what newborn and reborn dolls are? Magically surreal?

So there ya have it. Hollow Tree Nursery.

Nana and
circa 1980's

Magically surreal newborns and OOAK micro-preemies

I started my miniatures site, Papa's Cottage, because the time working on my dollhouse with my Papa and woodworking in his workshop were some of the best hours of my life. Hollow Tree Nursery, though, is dedicated to my Nana.